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Get involved

Whether you are a first-time contributor or open-source veteran, we welcome any contribution to the molfeat package. Your contributions help to make sure this package can remain free-to-use and open-source.


The most straight-forward way to contribute is through Github. In short, you can help by:

  • ⭐️ Star the repository on Github.
  • 💻 Fix existing code issues.
  • 🐛 Report bugs or request new features.
  • ❓ Answer questions of - and interact with - community members.
  • 📚 Improve existing documentation or add new tutorials.

To learn more about this, please see the Developers documentation.



The molfeat community is part of the M2D2 community. To orchestrate these efforts the #molfeat channel was created in the M2D2 Slack. Similar to a forum, this channel allows people to ask questions, make suggestions, showcase your work or discuss new features.

Molfeat is part of the ecosystem. If you enjoy molfeat, consider giving our other tools a look as well. These tools are designed to be synergetic and have complementary features.